My fee is $155 for the initial session and $130 per session there after. Sessions are 45 minutes long. I accept cash, all major credit cards, Health/Flexible Spending Account cards, and checks. There is a $20 returned check fee. Payment is due at each session.


I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Out of Network plans, and private pay.

If I do not take your insurance, depending on your plan, your insurance company may provide you with a reimbursement for a portion of the fee. I encourage you to call your provider and ask about your out of network mental health benefits. Some important questions to ask:

  • Does my plan provide out-of-network reimbursement for mental health?
  • Is there a deductible I need to meet before you will start to reimburse me?
  • Is there a maximum amount you will reimburse within a year or period of time?
  • Do I need a diagnosis on the statement I receive from my therapist?
  • How do I submit a claim?

Some people prefer to pay out of pocket because if you use your health insurance to help pay for psychotherapy, you must allow me to tell the MCO (Managed Care Organization) about your problem and give it a psychiatric diagnosis. You must also permit me to tell the MCO about the treatment I am recommending, about your progress during treatment, and about how you are doing in many areas of your life (functions at work, in your family, and in activities of daily living). All of this information will become part of the MCO’s records, and some of it will be included in your permanent medical record at the Medical Information Bureau, a national data bank that is not open to the public including you. The information will be examined when you apply for life or health insurance, and it may be considered when you apply for employment, credit or loans, a security clearance, or other things in the future. You will have to indicate that you were treated for a psychological condition and release this information, or you may not get the insurance, job, loan, or clearance.

I am happy to review your options with you.


I respect that your time is valuable, as is mine. Please make every effort to attend our sessions. If you are unable to make it I ask that you try to give at least 48 hour notice and require 24. The cancellation/no show fee is $85 for less than 24 hour notice. You will be responsible for this fee as your insurance company will not reimburse for cancellations/no shows.

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