Frequently Asked Questions


We sound like we could be a good fit. How can I be sure? 

Let’s chat! I offer free phone consultations where we will go over what you are looking for and hoping to get out of therapy, how my training and style will benefit you, and other questions you may have for me and about the process. If you decide to schedule an appointment that does not mean you are locked into working with me forever and ever. If at any point you realize it isn’t working out for whatever reason, I am more than happy to offer you referrals for other therapists in the area! No pressure and no hurt feelings.

I am ready to proceed! What does that process look like?
Great!! I can’t wait to work with you! We will set a date and time (after our phone or email consultation) and I will send you a link to the client portal. Once logged into the client portal you will fill out and electronically sign the intake paperwork before the first appointment. During the first appointment we’ll go over any questions you have about the paperwork, fees, and financial agreement. We will then proceed with getting to know each other and go from there.

How long will this take?
It is not possible to say how long each individual person will be in counseling. There are a few factors at play when asking this question. In no particular order they are: the goals you have coming into the work, if you are looking for help for a specific issue or want to explore some things and see where the counseling goes, and your insurance (if you are utilizing it) and if they agree that your treatment is medically necessary. Those are the main factors at play.

I generally start people out with weekly sessions so we can get to know each other and build rapport and from there we can decide if it makes sense to go to bi-weekly sessions or stay at weekly. I also have clients who will come every 3 weeks or once a month when things are going well, but they would still like the additional support. Ultimately it is your decision as to how frequently you can/want to come from the beginning.

Why do I have to pay if I don’t show up/don’t give adequate cancellation notice?
I have set aside this time specifically for you. I am rarely able to fill an appointment slot with less than 24 hours notice or not at all if it is a last minute cancel or a no show. I am unable to bill insurance for a cancelled/missed appointment. It also helps keep you motivated to remember your appointments and remember to value yourself. Because remember you are awesome and totally worth it!

Can I use my insurance?/Why might I choose not to?
I only accept Blue Cross Blue Shield. For other insurances you may be able to be reimbursed a percentage of my fee and I am happy to provide you with a superbill for you to submit (keeping in mind I may have to provide you with a diagnosis that will be part of your medical record).

Some people choose to pay out of pocket for confidentiality reasons and to be in full control over their therapy sessions and how long they want to attend. To utilize insurance I am required to provide you with a diagnosis and your insurance provider can request the records that I keep of our visits. Your diagnosis will be on file and may impact your ability to get life insurance and such (more on that here). Insurance companies can also limit the amount of sessions you have each year. Another reason people choose to pay out of pocket is because they have an extremely high deductible.

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