Individual Counseling

Are you contemplating making some positive mental health changes? Wanting to tackle that unhealthy stuff that’s holding you back and launch you into a healthier, awesomer version of yourself?

Parenthood Support and Wellness

Are you struggling with the transition to parenthood? On the path and hitting unexpected obstacles? Let me help you be the parent you want to be.

Art Therapy

Curious about what art therapists do (no, we do not massage paintings)? Interested in learning how you can benefit from art therapy (even as an adult!)?

Hello! I’m Charisma

Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Registered Art Therapist

Hello and welcome!  You must be here because you are contemplating or have all ready decided today is the day for change! Or at least to start thinking about change anyway. Perhaps you’ve been struggling for a long time. Maybe you or your partner’s pregnancy/birth isn’t/didn’t go as planned and postpartum depression hit you out of nowhere. I can help. 

I will take you right as you are. 

Let me introduce myself: My name is Charisma and I’m a therapist… counselor, clinician, feelings explorer, encourager, creative adventurer, emotional growth gardener… too far? Yea, you’re probably right. Call me what you want, just don’t call me late to dinner.

I help people who want a better understandingof themselves. Who are stuck. Who can’t get out of their own way. Who want to feel comfortable in their own skin. Who wish they could not care what others thought about them and live in confidence. Whose life experiences have thrown them for a loop. But are buried under all the yuck of recent or past events and don’t quite know how to shovel themselves out. 

I empower them to face the negativity and fears head on so that they can know they are the coolest, funniest, most awesomest person they know.And not care when someone doesn’t agree!

I know from my own journey of all that fun self discovery stuff that breaking yourself down and rebuilding a stronger, more courageous version of yourself can be a difficult and trying journey. And absolutely worth it.

I believe that learning to be a confident version of ourselves will cause a positive ripple effect through our lives and beyond. That is why I hope you will schedule a consult today![/

Frequently Asked Questions

We sound like we might be a good fit, how can I be sure?“]

Let’s chat! I offer free phone consultations where we will go over what you are looking for and hoping to get out of therapy, how my training and style will benefit you, and other questions you may have for me and about the process. If you decide to schedule an appointment that does not mean you are locked into working with me forever and ever. If at any point you realize it isn’t working out for whatever reason, I am more than happy to offer you referrals for other therapists in the area! No pressure and no hurt feelings.

Contact me, today!